Hi all,

I'm having some problems using a Fiery box attached to the back of a Canon CLC4040, and I hope someone can help.

We are receiving down large spools of PDFs to the machine from an OM Plus server, and would like the jobs to print in Duplex, but they always arrive Single-sided. The server admins at the OM Plus side are adamant that the spool feed has no print controls on it whatsoever, and that the Fiery must be rendering the PDF job in Postscript by default. I am able to get the jobs sent to Held and manually change the option from 2-Sided: None to Long Edge Binding, which then prints the jobs double sided, but this far from ideal. The Canon's default setting is for double-sided printing.

It was suggested that this could be managed better by using a Workflow to handle the jobs, but being new to Fiery, I wasn't sure what this entailed and began looking into it. I didn't get very far, as there appear to be no Workflows tab on CW5.

So, in short: Does the Fiery process all PDF jobs using Postscript, and can this be changed? And can I get access to the Workflows at all?

We are using CW5, which shows in the General Info page that the Fiery is running 8e Release 2.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!