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Thread: Uneven line widths when printing PDFs

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    Default Uneven line widths when printing PDFs


    Is it a normal behaviour that thin (non orthogonal) lines are printed with uneven line widths? I often print CAD drawings out of Acrobat with diagonal (45°) lines and those lines appear on the print with somekind of "mixed line width". For example, five lines are thick, followed by a few thin lines, followed by thick lines and so on.

    In the source document, all line widths are identical. I have also tried to increase the line width (although they were not really thin at all) and this only results in a slightly different, but still faulty, output. Also I've tried to use different methods of transparency reduction in Acrobat, again, with minor differences in the output.

    I'm lost and don't know what to tell my customers on how to avoid this

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    Ugh, I hate printing CAD files on anything which is not a plotter. My experience with CAD files has been that since everything is a line, it's really easy to run into all kinds of issues both on the RIP side and on the engine side. Resolution and screening settings are what have the most effect since a lot of the issues are basically moiré.

    And if you're printing any color other than a solid single 100% process color, good luck. The mix of screen angles pretty much means your thin lines will get hit with something.

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