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    Default User Account Setup


    i have a query regarding the set up of user accounts. We have a canon 4040 and each month get billed by them on the number of prints we do.

    I was wondering if there is a way to set up user accounts on CWS5? we have about 10 users who print to this printer and we need to split the monthly bill by department. The problem is that we use Archive jobs which one user has put on so in the job log it always says they are the person printing when this isn't the case.

    Any help would be appreciated


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    User accounts are a driver side feature.

    Such a feature is not present in CWS and user name is not accessible in job properties in CWS.

    As such, the archive job will always, by design, show the user name that generated the original print job.

    Many Thanks,


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    Thanks for letting me know Karl.

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    Default Deleted User still shows up as print user in CWS

    I am posting to this thread, having found it - thinking it related to our issue.

    We have a Windows 7 machine running CWS
    It was installed under the Windows username Mike.
    Mike is no longer with us, so his Windows user account was deleted.
    Joe now has a Windows user account with Windows username Joe on the same machine.
    But when Joe drags PDFs into the Process & Hold window on CWS for Fiery servers to print, the "User" column in CWS still shows Mike as the user.
    Is reinstalling CWS the only way to change this, or should we just disable the "User" column and add "Submitted By" instead?

    Thanks in advance.

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