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Thread: Problem istalling Impose Compose on OSX 10.4.11

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    Default Problem istalling Impose Compose on OSX 10.4.11

    I have a problem trying to install impose+compose options dvd on top of a freshly installed CSW
    When installer finishes to copy files I have a message asking to install a valid USB dongle and/or a valid CSW.
    Usb key is valid and visbile in system profiler, led is constantly on, CSW is working fine.
    Can u please help?
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    Default Adobe Pro-Pitstop will not install

    I'm having the same issue, with the exception I have Windows 7 on my laptop. I am a production print sales manager and I have a customer with the same problem. I did a fresh install of cws 5.3, had the Seequence suite dongle installed and got the same message that it either didn't recognize CWS or the dongle. I have verified that the dongle is working. Not sure what to do to fix this issue.

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    I do believe these USB dongles are a one time use only, So if you have installed it on your Fiery server, you won't be able to pull off the License on the workstation no matter if it is windows or mac osx. I have ran into the same issue here at my office. Print from my mac and has demo stamp and set up same job on fiery server and printed just fine. I hope this helps you out. That is the best solution I can give.

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    Impose Compose dongles are not one time use only (as opposed to Fiery server enablement features like the Graphic Arts packages). The USB dongle need to be inserted on the workstation used for imposition/compose, anytime you use it.

    Did you recently download the CWS d) from our Website? We made some recent changes and I thought that the problems with recognizing the dongle was fixed. If you are not sure, please re-download it, uninstall and reinstall with the latest package. There are off course Acrobat requirements (licensed Acrobat Pro or Standard, 8, 9 X) when it comes to have Impose to work without demo watermarks.

    Hope this helps,


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