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Thread: Xerox Color 550 with ex550, memory leak

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    yep, happened to mee too, must be something wrong with the hardware

    sometimes windows xp freezes upon loading (windows loading bar)

    need to shutdown completely and start over

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    I just got information that SP3 for fiery 1.1 will fix that problem

    Hope it works!

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    Default ftpde is eating the memory

    Looking closer in the taskmanager (Process Explorer by Sysinternals) I can see that Firey.exe is spawning ftpde threads and never closing them. That eats up the memory and probably also uses up the available IP-connections to the attached Xerox printer.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fabio.Pergola View Post
    ah no, i just keep an eye on the task manager...

    i just see the fiery.exe growing to 1.0 - 1.2 GB in memory, afterwards its also eating cpu constantly, even when we havent printed a single page after a reboot

    eventually , webtools, mydocs are not accesable, machine is unable to communicate
    the fiery server itself is extreme slow and we need to reboot

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    Please be sure that the Fiery is at v1.1 with all patches loaded including service packs 1-4.
    Thanks, Craig

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    Default My observations

    We see this issue as well on our EX5550/EX560. Normally at least once or twice a week.

    Fiery computer seems to slow down.
    -At first I can open a remote desktop window and the system seems slow.
    -Then after a while I try to connect by remote desktop but the login window regenerates very slowly and will not fully display.
    -Eventually remote desktop only connects to a black screen with no login window.

    Only solution I have found is a reboot of the EX560 box. If I can't access with remote desktop then have to manually force a shutdown with the button on the front.

    From my observations I'd agree - symptoms suggest a memory leak of some sort.


    System is at 1.1_SP4

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