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Thread: Software does not communicate with Workstation

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    Default Software does not communicate with Workstation

    when I send a file to print, it passes only the interpreter of mac but never comes to the workstation.
    the file is not, however, never printed.
    But if I want to print a file already present in the queue of the workstation, I can print.

    Thank you.
    sorry for my english

    Command Workstation
    Mac osx 10.6.8
    Docucolor 242

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    I assume you are sending the print jobs to the hold queue of the controller?
    Is this a newly installed driver or has it worked in the past, but now stopped working?

    I would suggest uninstalling the driver using the Fiery Software Uninstaller for Macintosh which you can find here:, then installing it again fresh on your Mac.
    Test again.

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