We are pleased to make available an updated version of Command WorkStation 5.3.1, the latest Command WorkStation 5 release.

This updated Command WorkStation version offers the following improvements over the previous Command WorkStation 5.3 release:
  • Job Error Report, a user-generated report that includes information about a print job with an error, that can be sent to the Fiery support teams for investigation. Hold down the CTRL key (on Windows) or Cmd key (on the Mac) when right clicking a job to get the Job Error Report menu option.
  • JDF Express Hot Folders will import JDF jobs dropped onto a Windows Hot Folder directly to the Fiery.
  • Minor issues as described in the release notes for this version.
Full details of the Command WorkStation 5.3 functionality is available at efi.com/cws5. While Command WorkStation 5.3.1 supports Fiery Servers running System 6 and above, please check the details at efi.com/cws5 to understand the minimum Fiery Server requirements to access some of the new functionality introduced in Command WorkStation 5.3.

We are making this available as part of the Fiery Extended Applications Package for Windows and Macintosh, which includes Command WorkStation 5 and Hot Folders 3. Please note that Hot Folders 3 is only supported when connected to some Fiery server models. Command WorkStation 5.3.1 is also available as a separate download for Windows users for certain environments. More details can be found at efi.com/cws5.

Notes about installation of the Fiery Extended Applications Package:
  • Before installing the Fiery Extended Applications package on a Macintosh, it is recommended to use the Fiery Software Uninstaller to remove previous versions of the Fiery Extended Applications.
  • When installing the Fiery Extended Applications Release 3e package on a Windows client or Fiery, it is recommended to run the installer in the Release 3e package. You do not need to uninstall the previously installed Fiery applications; the Release 3e package will perform that step automatically. Installing the Fiery Extended Applications Release 3e package onto a Fiery requires that the user software on DVD2 provided with the Fiery already be installed on the Fiery.
  • Upon completion of the installation of the Fiery Extended Applications Release package on a Fiery, it is recommended to restart the Fiery server.
  • After an installation of Command WorkStation software, a SeeQuence dongle may blink for up to one minute. Do not remove the dongle while it is blinking. New Command WorkStation software includes the latest device drivers for the dongles that enable the SeeQuence option packages. After a new version of Command WorkStation software is installed, the device driver may be updated. Once the device driver has been updated, the SeeQuence dongle may be removed.
For archival purposes, Command WorkStation is still available from the following links: