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Thread: Job Log Clearing Spontaneously

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    Default Job Log Clearing Spontaneously

    We have two Fiery IC-409's on the same network that can't seem to hold the Job Log. So when you view the job log in CWS (we've tried ver. 5.1 & 5.2 on two different workstations, including a laptop connected with a crossover) it will only display jobs for the last few days. There seems to be no pattern as to when the clearing takes place--it's random. The longest the job log has gone without clearing itself seems to be about two weeks.

    We are viewing the job log in CWS with no date filter set. "Auto Print Job Log Every 55 Jobs" is set to "No" on both Fiery's. On at least one of the Fiery's, system software has been reloaded and critical patches have been installed in the correct order. At various times, the Fiery HDD, motherboard and RAM have been replaced. Is there anything on the network that can cause this? Has anyone seen this, or have any ideas for further troubleshooting steps?

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    Default Could someone else be clearing it?

    Is it possible that someone else in your organisation is connecting to the Fiery, and clearing the log?
    Only administrators can do this (requires admin password).

    Just an idea...

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