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Thread: Printing Slow after Impose

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    Default Printing Slow after Impose

    Ok I just upgraded to a canon gx300 printer that has a fiery on it. I sent a pdf job to my printer, and then I used impose to add blank pages to the file. I told the blank pages to pull from a different tray, and set all the other pages to duplex. Iím making a book, and the blank pages are the section dividers. the final job is 4.2 MB, and 156 pages. My printer takes 25 minuets to print a book. Can someone tell me what Iím doing wrong?

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    Well, without knowing more details, all I can answer on are experiences doing similar work on my own 1107ex. When I run duplex jobs and insert blank sheets (treated as simplex by the engine), the engine does slow down for a brief moment as it inserts that sheet. I don't know any different, so I accept this as law and just the way the engine handles it. To really get any kind of idea HOW much slower, you'd have to print a book without dividers and then compare the difference. Are we talking a couple minutes or 10+ minutes longer? I'm not familiar with the GX300, but do you have anything post fuser that you could insert the sheets, possibly allowing the engine to keep pace better?
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    Default Switching between media

    One thing that could be happening is that the printer engine is cycling down/up when switching between different types of media (paper).

    If this is the case, then you can get around it by ensuring your blank inserts are the same media as the rest of the job, or at least ensure the printer thinks so. If your inserts are a lighter weight paper than the rest of the book, then it shouldn't cause any problem to tell the printer that they are a bit heavier.

    E.g. If the body of the book is on 150gsm, and the inserts are 90gsm, then tell the printer the inserts are also 150gsm.

    Don't do this the other way round though - if you feed heavyweight paper as plain paper, then you could get jams, and it won't fuse properly.

    Hope this helps.

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