Hi Yall,

i have several issues with CWS 5.30.57 in combination with an imageserver A3100 by Canon connected to an imagepress C7000VP. Its its a system 8 release 2 system that originally came with CWS4

The issues are:

- Paper catalog displays inch sizes and are rounded into mm resulting in differences
for instance i am not able to change the size to 320x460 mm since it will keep rounding down to 319,97 x459,67 mm with the inch size 907.09x1303.94
The inch size is in a dropdown list and can not be changed. Even when i set the mm size in the papercatalog it will revert back to the inch size as mentioned.

Is this because the sizes were made in CWS 4 's paper catalog?
CWS 5 is in setup configured to use mm.

- the stocknames are displayed in CWS 4 as names i setup like Hello Gloss 200 grs -320x460mm. When i use CWS5 this will be reverted back to the originally used stock like 2-Sided Coated 7 (257-300 g/m2). These names are built into the imagepress and are used as a starting stock when setting up new stock in your paper catalog.

- in impose i can not set custom sizes in mm. In CWS 4 i just type in 320x460mm and this will be used as sheetsize after which i can impose my artwork on this size.

In CWS5 it wont accept the custom sheetsize. I can set the custom sheet size but it will revert back to letter size! Even though the drowdown box says no scaling it will scale my project to fit!

All the issues are somehow size related. What is wrong?