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    I have a canonIR c4080 and We moved to a new location and i noticed while getting the printer installed and operating that there was useful tools that are provided with this printer that i did not know existed, which is the Fiery Workstation and The printers webui. Now my boss was aware of this and never used it cause he didnt know how it all worked. Heres my issue at hand. My boss cant seem to find the admin password for the printer in of itself. Now obviously you need these to gain access to the workstation software. Is there a way to find it or reset it. Also i dont know if this a something you guys can answer but its worth a try. I have our printer running on the network here, just like at our old location. Now with this printer there are two drivers, one post script PCL5c which i hate using or and then theres the H1 PS Ver2.0(this is the driver we would prefer to use. The computer im installing this on is Windows 7 x64, im installing though adding it as a network printer pointing the correct driver. Now the driver talks to the printer, and when i send something to printer to print the processing light comes on and never prints. Im lost and stuck at using the crappy PCL5c driver. Thanx for the help
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