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Thread: Xerox 1000 Paper Catalog synch problems

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    Question Xerox 1000 Paper Catalog synch problems

    The paper catalog between PC-UI and Fiery EX-1000 is not synchronizing, nothing happens even after minutes. We created and deleted some stock and logged out at the PC-UI.

    We're using a customer network 192.168.0.x so the IOT's and PC-UI's IP address had to be switched. Xerox used the "SetIP100" tool, after that the IOT has IP address and the PC-UI (subnet mask, gateway

    We set the Fiery's IP to (subnetmask and gateway copied from PC-UI). All devices can "talk" to the others (tested via ping command) but the Paper Catalog still is not synch'ing, even after a couple of restarts of all devices.

    I'm interested in the synch'ing background: how does Fiery EX-1000 grab the media library of the PC-UI? I heard something about FTP. I guess the PC-UI pushes the lib to an FTP account on the Fiery. If so, can I check if the FTP service is working correctly, e.g. by connecting from the PC-UI to the Fiery's FTP server via commandline (ftp command)? What's the FTP user and password? Can I check if the Fiery FTP service is "listening" on the correct IP address Is it possible that the Windows firewall on the Fiery blocks the synch'ing? What services are responsible for the synch'ing process?
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