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Thread: Canon Image Runner Fiery Issue #2 of 2 Issues: Presets Don't Save Properly

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    Default Canon Image Runner Fiery Issue #2 of 2 Issues: Presets Don't Save Properly

    I am able to create presets in the Fiery driver, but they don't stick reliably. Results are as follows:
    • On Windows 2008 I am able to create a preset, give it a name -- "BW" -- and save it. If I set it as the default then on subsequent occasions if I go into the printer properties then the preset that is selected by default is shown as "Untitled". The values within the "Untitled" preset match the values of the "BW" template that I created. The "BW" template yet exists in the list. If I select "BW" or any another preset then I'm prompted to save the "Untitled" preset.
    • Same results on Windows 7.
    • On WinXP I am able to create a preset -- e.g. BW. It may take several attempts at setting it as the default before it will finally stick. On WinXP it does not list an "Untitled" preset, but rather simply remains on whatever preset was previously the default. So, it will simply default to "Default Job Template" until it finally sticks to "BW". If I create another preset -- e.g. Color -- and I attempt to set that as the default then I find that I find that repeatedly re-trying will work *or* if I set "Color" as the default and then delete the previous specified default template -- i.e. "BW" -- then that gives it a kick and it will now default to the "Color" preset.
    The Canon techs came out and took a look. They could not figure it out. We are all stymied. The copiers in their demo facility perform these tasks flawlessly.

    I've tried to reverse engineer where the default preset is specified... Is it in a file, in the registry... wherever it is I can't find it.

    I've read other posts in this forum about presets. For example, I've looked for C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\EFI\JPData\DrvJP_P PDname.PPD\Presets\presets.xml on Win7 and Win2008. I get as far as C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\ -- i.e. there is no EFI sub-folder.

    We go live with the new ImageRunners on Wednesday, October 26, 2011. Any help would be appreciated.

    I'm attaching a screeenshot of the version.

    This is the second of two issues I'm posting today. I don't care about the first issue unless it is related to this issue.

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    Mark Manoukian

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    Default I hacked the driver (PPD files); Default Template defaults to B&W

    As a workaround I hacked the PPD files and set the EFColorMode value to Grayscale instead of CMYK. Upon reinstallation of the drivers the built-in Default Template in the presets is now B&W...


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