We have a job that's spec'd 35% Black (CMYK 0/0/0/35) and Pantone 194. On CWS 5.2, the job processed correctly.

We upgraded to CWS yesterday and noticed that the 35% Black now separates to CMY with no Black. Taking a correctly processed file that was ripped with CWS 5.2, removing raster and re-processed, yields the same wrong result - 35% black is now CMYK 32/25/25/0.

This seems like a GCR setting but I checked our colour settings (everything is set to default) and everything's the same as CWS 5.2. Playing around with different settings in CWS 5.3 doesn't seem to fix this.

Is anybody else having the same issues? If we can't find a solution, we'll have to roll back to CWS 5.2 I'm afraid.


Fiery System 8
Xerox DocuColor 5000
Microsoft Windows XP Embedded SP2