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Thread: Processed jobs disappears from print queue!

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    Exclamation Processed jobs disappears from print queue!

    When jobs are processed while already printing a job, there is no chance for us to cancel the processed job before it actually starts to print the job, since it does'nt show in the processed queue, WHY???

    This problem appeared after we installed CWS5.3.

    Our Specs:
    GX300 RIP
    Canon 9060PRO
    Fiery v8 release 2

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    Hi colourcenter

    I take it that you've checked that the print queue is expanded (View... Expand Printing Queue). Once processed, jobs should be held there and it is a simple case of right-clicking and selecting Cancel.

    If you've tried this or haven't got the option, then it's over to the tech guys I'm afraid!
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    Thanks for you answer Gavin.
    Of course the Processd Queue is expanded.

    It's really annoying not to be able to cancel jobs that are processed before they actually starts to print.

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