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Thread: Fiery S300 and HP Z2100

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    Default Fiery S300 and HP Z2100

    Hi Guys,

    Recently purchased a heap of stuff from a "going out of business" print shop.

    One of the items is a Fiery S300 Print Server I was hoping to use as a RIP for my (currently non-rip) HP Z2100. Previously this item was hanging off a Konica Minolta C500.

    We have a number of Fiery's here controlling most of our colour printers, however I have never re-set up an existing unit onto a wide format machine.

    Currently the S300 has a (I assume) proprietry card and cable that was used to connect to the C500 ... I assume this is now useless.

    What steps should I take to use this on my Z2100? do I simply just connect it in to the network before the Z2100? or do I need custom connection parts? obviously I will need to re-configure the software to work with the different machine ... is there a guide for this somewhere? ... hoping someone can point me in the right directions.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance



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    It's my understanding that all Fiery units are machine specific and will not work for any other print engine. That S300 Fiery is only good for running a KM C500, that's it. That's why they have different models for each machine and don't just sell the RIP software on its own.

    You may want to check this thread on your printer/RIP issue is specifically addressed there:
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