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Thread: Fatal Error Assertion Failed

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    Default Fatal Error Assertion Failed

    I have a Konica Minolta Fiery
    System 9
    version 1.1
    Bios Version 1.31 08/13/08
    Patches: ( IA5EUN, 19TOJ5, 18GIH5, 18Z7V9, 19HODD, 19QIX1, 174R99, 1AF7XP, 1AS4QD )

    Problem is about once a month (since May 4 times)

    Fatal Error : Assertion Failed code
    Source Code File : Kelp\VFI\SRC\ABS_F_Files.c
    Source Code line : 1357
    Message : Unrecoverable internal error

    This happens when importing a PDF variable data file that is about 8000 pages.

    Any Help is greatly appreciated

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    Default Also having same problem

    Did you find a resolution?

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