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Thread: Is there a "Touch" function to change the print job sequence?

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    Question Is there a "Touch" function to change the print job sequence?

    CSW4 and CSW5 ...
    Files retrieved from an archive are not retrieved in an order they need to be printed. Because of 'unknown' features, print jobs are broken up into 4-6 page increments and need to be printed in order. Extracting the print jobs from the archive reorders the sequence.

    The brute force is to re-process the jobs in the desired order, but that smashes the archived file and generates a new file. Defeating the archival process... the print job is no longer identical to the first print job.

    Sorting by job name results in the jobs printed in the order in the held time stamp.
    Sorting by time stamp results in jobs printed in the order of the held time stamp.

    The above attempts fail to work with both group-select (hold the shift key) and/or sequential-select (hold-cntrl key and click job names in desired sequence).

    The unix command 'touch' changes time stamps. Is there a function or method to change/touch the held files time stamp so they print in a predictable, reliable order?


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    Hi Gerry,

    Could you provide more information about how the files are archived?
    - Are these Fiery Archives or are you referring to a data archive on a server? How are you sending the files to the Fiery?
    - How are the original files generated and where are the pring jobs being broken into 4-6 page files?
    - Which Fiery model and version are you using?

    If you have Compose, you could use that to merge multiple files into one file and arrange the pages in the correct order. This would insure that the page order is printed correctly.


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