[B]In a RICOH Aficio MP C4500 copier with E-5000 Fiery environment, customer is using an application on their 3 MAC's and one PC to adjust color to match what they see on their monitors with the printed output from the copier/ Fiery system. I am not sure if they are using Command Work Station 5 to facilitate this process, but customer happend to reply to me when I asked how often he calibrates the Fiery and stated that he only calibrates the copier. Now, from my training, Fierys need to be calibrated once a week minimum. Back in April 22, the Fiery System software was re- installed due to " Please Wait" message on the Fiery screen and customer could not connect to the Fiery with CWS5. The Fiery tech also calibrated all the paper media settings with Color Pro Wise tool. I was ask by the technician responsible for taking care of the customer's account to assist him with the Scan to Folder op on the Fiery. While troubleshooting the scanning issue a staff member approached us with a color printing issue. I calibrated only one paper setting of the Fiery and the result was a very irrated boss man. It wasn't until later that an office staff staff informed me and another Fiery tech that her office uses a " Spyder application" to get the colors in- line. Has anyone heard of this app? [/B]

By the way, this is my first post. Thanks.