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Thread: Fiery VUE Colour Profiles

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    Default Fiery VUE Colour Profiles

    I have just discovered Fiery VUE and although it won't be something we use every day as we are more of a production environment it will certainly come in useful at times, however it seems to be doing something strange with the colours. If I print a CMYK PDF directly it looks great but as part of the VUE document the colours are much darker. Can anything be done?

    (using VUE with our DC252 with onboard Fiery)
    Xerox Docucolour 5000 with EX50 Fiery (&FACI Kit)
    Xerox Docucolour 252 with onboard Fiery
    Xerox Docucolour 240 with onboard Fiery
    Xerox 4112 with EX4112 Fiery (& FACI Kit)
    Epson Stylus Pro 9800 with Caldera RIP

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    Thank you for your intereste in Fiery VUE.

    Printing your PDF from Fiery VUE should produce the same color as if you downloaded and printed the PDF from Command Workstation. Can you confirm this?

    If you are getting different results I would be interested in seeing a sample PDF or any other factors that may be applicable.

    Best regards,

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