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Thread: User Name or iPad name in header of PS file

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    Post User Name or iPad name in header of PS file

    What resource is placing the text "guest" in the %%For: field in the postscript header, see example below ?

    Issue: Need to control costs and chargebacks based on user account name.
    "guest" appears in Command Workstation and Job Log data.

    iPhone, iPad & iTouch devices do not have local user names, accounts or login names, accounts.
    iPhone, iPad & iTouch devices have device names, but only appear in iTunes when connected to a Mac or Windows host.

    Header Example:

    %%Title: (Photo)
    %%Creator: (PrintMe Connect)
    %%CreationDate: (12:09 PM Friday, May 20, 2011)
    %%For: (guest)
    %%Pages: 1
    %%LanguageLevel: 3

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    Hello Yoda,

    The Guest user is generated in the PS by the PrintMe Connect software.

    PrintMe Connect supports Fiery User Authentication from User and Groups. If Fiery authentication is enabled on the Fiery controller, a lock icon will display next the Fiery printer on the mobile device. The first time the user prints to this printer they will be prompted for thier user name and password. The user name entered would then show up in the PS header and displayed in CWS.

    Enabling Fiery authentication in Users and Groups
    1. Launch Configure from WebTools or CWS
    2. Choose User and Groups
    3. Add users manually or configure LDAP.
    4. Reboot the controller.

    Fiery user athentication is the only "accounting" method supported by PrintMe Connect. I hope this answers your question and helps meet your needs.

    Best regards,

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