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Thread: CWS 5.3 Dongle Issues?

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    Default CWS 5.3 Dongle Issues?

    Since installing 5.3, we are having issue with Impose. This problem comes and goes, but requires a reboot of the Mac CWS is installed on.

    Basically, CWS is not seeing the Impose dongle and it is ripping files in Demo mode with the text written diagonally across the pages - is anyone else seeing this?

    Secondly, we have Splash rpx ii installed on this machine and if we start CWS 5.3 , Splash will not see its dongle at all. I have to quit CWS 5.3 and then reboot and start Splash to get it to run. Seems to be resource conflict preventing the machine see the Splash Dongle if CWS 5.3 is running with the Impose dongle installed.

    Any help will be appreciated. This is SUPER annoying.

    Ben Z

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    Your problems has been recognized !!
    We also have problems with Impose function after installation of CWS and hotfolder
    Make a new impose template on a Mac with CWS5.3 (incl dongle) and save that.
    Make use of the impose template by opening a job out of the hold queue, no problem
    Set up a new hotfolder that uses the new created impose template.
    Then throw a pdf in the hotfolder and output will show the "demo" sign.

    I think it's a bug in......... (hotfolder)

    any ideas

    Greetings, Ab

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    Hello Ab,

    Thank you very much for reporting this.

    The issue you are describing will be addressed in the near future. The workaround for now is to create the imposition template for your hot folder with the Hot Folder application.

    Best regards,

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