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Thread: Trying to print an InDesign landscape file

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    Default Trying to print an InDesign landscape file

    We have had troubles printing landscaped pages in Indesign ever since we upgraded to CS4 and also now in CS5. We are primarily using Mac OSX 10.5.8 to a Fiery 2.1 to an Ikon CPP650. I had read somewhere that this could be fixed with an update to the Fiery RIP. Can you confirm this?

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    There is a 3.0 version availble from IKON and I believe it will resolve your problem. If you didn't want to upgrade just yet there is a patch (1-Y32IJ) that should resolve the problem with v2.1.

    Either way, IKON service would have access to both of these options. It's not a problem you should have to continue to deal with.

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