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Thread: Text and image quality settings can make a grown man cry...

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    Default Text and image quality settings can make a grown man cry...

    Can someone please explain these settings?

    If Text/Graphics Quality is set to "Best", how can it then be further enhanced at two other places?

    Will some of these settings override another?

    What is printer screen mode? My printer use papers to print on, not a screen.

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    What you're looking at are Fiery-side settings which control how the data is processed on the Fiery and engine-side settings which control how the toner is actually printed on the sheet.

    Text/Graphics Quality is a general Fiery control (will be found across manufacturers) which changes the compression of the data on the Fiery side during processing. Best quality means less compression and, typically, more time spent processing the job.

    Printer Screen Mode controls the pattern of dots which are physically printed on the page after the job is processed. These patterns are unique (in both name and design) to each printer engine.

    I have to admit that Text/Graphics Enhancement is not a function I'm familiar with. It appears to be manufacturer-specific since it's not present on any of the products I'm an expert in. This suggests that it's also an engine-side control to how toner is actually printed on the sheet.

    About screening. At a basic level, toner is either present or it is not. In order to print the full range of color, the engine has to create a pattern of toner. These patterns are called screens. Different screens are better suited for different kinds of data, some are optimized for fine details such as those found in text, others are optimized for gradations, others are more general-purpose.
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    Default Image Quality Settings

    Hi Andersson,

    I hear you. I am trying to make this Image Quality selection easier in the future, but until then please find below the info you are looking for.

    Text/Graphics Quality
    Description: Text/Graphics Quality Best improves the appearance of fine lines and text by printing at a higher resolution.
    Notes: In most cases this feature only applies to 100%K text and graphics, so use it with Pure Black Text/Graphics (in expert color) to ensure blacks aren't contaminated.

    Text/Graphics Enhancement
    Description: This option sharpens the edges of text and vector graphics
    Notes: Xerox printer engine feature. Reduces jaggy edges on colored text and graphics, you have to look really closely to see the difference. I can only see this affecting colored vectors on top of colored backgrounds or images, with a slight edge smoothing on curves occurring (need a loupe to see it).

    The printer screens are different per product, but guessing you have a Xerox midrange engine, I'm pretty sure your choices will be as below:

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    The table above shows you what each screening choice actually does. In the case of the last 2 mixed screening modes, Text is printed at a higher screen than Images. This is good as text will look sharper.

    But the downside is that when using mixed screening modes such as Enhanced Text and Enhanced Text and Graphics, objects printed with 300 dot screening may print darker than objects of the same color printed with 200 dot. This usually only becomes a problem if trying to match colors between text, graphics and images next to each other on a page.

    So unless you're printing giant colored text (which must color match other objects on the page), I find the default setting Enhanced Text is pretty good for most jobs. If you are printing color critical text then use 200 dot. If you're printing autocad or other fine line drawings then 200 line is good, but it can do odd things to photos.

    I hope this info helps. Feel free to message me if you have any more questions.

    - G.

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    Thank you for clearing this matter up.

    The GUI for this application really need some work.

    1. If all these settings are for Text/Graphic Quality then gather them in one place, not one here and one there.
    2. Use unique names and terms that can be understood at the user level. Now it has become over simplified so it's not possible to use without a cheatsheet.
    3. The type of info you gave in this thread should pop out of these selections directly inside the application. Many applications have this now. Like a mini manual built in.

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    Red face Agree!

    I couldn't agree more!
    We are working on many of these items already.

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    Thumbs up Will do samples with your help?

    Hi Greta,

    More than seven years later and regrettably the documentation is still useless on this very specific topic.
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    The way I've explained it an hour was similar to yours. I added that Text/Graphics Enhancements would rip at 2400 when given a recipe of pure K only pure K. That it was likely to help asian markets with 8pt characters that have 23 strokes (Think traditional Chinese).

    My ask is, dear Greta, would anyone be willing to work with me offline to provide general guidance so I can create and share a hands on Pdf file that would illustrate these settings?

    ... Please?

    Thank you kindly for your consideration!
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