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    Default Default media settings

    A customer with a DC260 with embedded Fiery asks, where he can define the default media, that is used, when the printer driver is set to "use default". I thought, this needs to be done in the default printer settings on his client, because I cannot find any settings for media in the Fiery setup. But he only received a new harddisk for his embedded controller, so no settings on the clients have been changed. He wants to print on 170gsm A3 by default, but if he uses "use default" in the driver (winPC), the Fiery now asks for 90gsm A4, after the harddisk had been changed.

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    I can't speak directly for the DC260 but on my Fierys, I've been able to change the default media weight information in the PDL/PS section of Fiery Configure.

    I don't know about a default page size at all. My experience has been that the Fiery uses whatever page size is set in the driver or PDF.

    Since he's using a Windows driver, why doesn't he just change his default settings in the driver preferences?

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