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Thread: Can I remove CW & User Software without breaking CW

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    Question Can I remove CW & User Software without breaking CW

    I'm currently running CW on Windows XP Professional 2002 Service Pack 3 (but hoping to update to or ideally in the future - see my Thread here).

    When I run the "Add or Remove Programs" Control Panel, there are 2 entries which appear to be 1 each for CW 5 & CW 3. The first says "Fiery Command Workstation - Size 337.00MB, Used rarely, Last Used On 21/10/2010" and the other says "Fiery User Software- - Size 251.00MB, Used frequently, Last Used On 10/12/2007".

    Examining C:\Program Files\Fiery doesn't reveal anything that explicitly looks like it belongs to CW5 or CW3 however. The folders present are Applications3, Calibrator, ColorWise Pro Tools, Command Workstation 4, FieryRemoteScanApp, HotFolder and Impose.

    I did have CW 5 installed until yesterday (I manually removed it) but as far as I know CW 3 has never been installed on this PC.

    Can I safely run the Remove routine on both the CW & User Software entries in "Add or Remove Programs" without affecting the CW that I use every day?

    I do have the CW installer CD somewhere if I needed to reinstall it, but I'd rather not have to go through the disruption of CW 4 breaking. I would like to reclaim the 588MB of disk space though if possible.

    Many thanks.

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    "Fiery User Software" is the way that the complete Fiery Utility Package appears in the Add/Remove Programs control panel. Since the utility package is installed via a single application program (Master Installer), Windows recognizes it as a single application.

    If you want to modify your Fiery application installation, it is much safer to use Master Installer rather than Add/Remove Programs. If you don't want to touch your existing copy of CWS4, do not remove "Fiery User Software."

    As for CWS5, you should be able to safely remove it via Add/Remove Programs since you installed it via the standalone installer.

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    Many thanks Nick. I've removed the Fiery Command Workstation entry under Add or Remove Programs and CW 4 seems unaffected. I'll leave the Fiery User Software- entry well alone. Hopefully that's freed up 337MB.

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