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Thread: Fiery Remote Scan will not install

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    Default Fiery Remote Scan will not install

    I downloaded and installed Fiery Command Workstation 5.3 using the downloaded file FieryApplicationsPackage3d.exe. It successfully installed Fiery Command Workstation, Bridge, and Hot Folders. But when it came to Fiery Remote Scan a message popped up saying I had to remove the earlier version first. I did that and tried again but it still failed to install. I then entirely uninstalled the new package, made sure the earlier version of Fiery Remote Scan was also uninstalled, and even removed any remaining folders related to Fiery and checked the registry for anything related to Fiery Remote Scan. I then tried installing the new package fresh and the same thing happened. It still thinks there is an earlier version of Fiery Remote Scan on the computer and says to remove it from the Windows Control Panel. But it is definitely not in the Add/Remove Programs and I don't know how to get the installation package to recognize that the earlier version is gone and just install the new one.

    Any suggestions?

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    What Windows OS are you using, and is it 32-bit or 64-bit?

    Try this (assuming you still have the previous Fiery user software installer handy):
    1.) completely uninstall 3d package. Reboot.
    2.) look in Add/Remove Programs to see if any Fiery applications or Fiery User Software are listed there - there should not be (uninstall and reboot if there are)
    3.) Re-install Fiery applications from same installer that you used to install previous versions of Fiery apps. Reboot.
    4.) Now, via Add/Remove, uninstall all Fiery apps that you just re-installed. Reboot.
    5.) Install 3d application package

    Time consuming I know...

    Hopefully this gets you over this hurdle.

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    Default Still no luck.

    This is on a 32-bit computer running Windows XP Professional SP3.

    I followed all the steps you suggested but got the same results. The installation program continues to think that Fiery Remote Scan is already installed and will not install the new version. Early on it shows me this screen (Fiery.pdf attachment), then towards the end when it is actually attempting to install Remote Scan gives me this one (Fiery2.pdf attachment). I also tried using the Modify feature of the installation program to install only Fiery Remote Scan, but it showed only a remove option, still thinking it was already installed. I proceeded with the remove function, and it said maintenance complete, but when I started the modify feature again to install Remote Scan it was still in the list. I also tried the repair function, checking only Remote Scan (Fiery3 attachment), but got the same message saying a previous version had to be removed from the control panel.

    There must be something that the installation program is seeing that makes it think there is a previous installation, and that's what we need to remove. Is there a stand-alone installation for Fiery Remote Scan that might work better? Any further ideas are much appreciated.
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