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Thread: CWS 5.3 crashing

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    Default CWS 5.3 crashing

    While sitting idle, we have had CWS 5.3 crash a couple of times now, usually when I'm just ready to get back into it. After it crashes, I have to log out and log back in as it is leaving some part of itself running and will not start again. We're experiencing this on Windows XP SP3. Any ideas?

    Xerox DC242, Color 560
    Bustled Fiery 8e R2, Fiery 9eR2 respectively
    Impose - CWS 5.8
    Color Prof. Suite 4.6
    Windows XP Pro, Windows 7 Pro
    (Canon iPF8100)

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    I'm experiencing a similar issue and I'm on Win 7 x64, so I'm thinking it's not related to the OS.
    Currently using CWS on Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1.

    Running 3 Ricoh machines:
    Pro C900 - ProC900 v4.0 System 8 Release 2 (PLP Installed)
    Pro 1107ex - EB-1357ex v1.1 System 8 Release 2
    Aficio 3260 - E7000 v1.2 System 6e.

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    One further update. I did find the CWS.exe running in the processes after the crash. When I ended its process tree, I was able to restart without the logout.

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    EFI has been investigating this issue and to date we are not able to reproduce this by testing on multiple systems with the information at hand. We suspect this may only be affecting isolated client systems and is not impacting all installations. We are doing further testing to identify the cause of this particular problem.

    Our engineers are preparing a list of items we can work with you to capture more information to help us further indentify the root cause of the problem you are seeing.

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    Default 5.3 freezes and becomes unresponsiveness

    CWS 5.3 freezes and becomes unresponsive when trying to do anything in the held/printed/archived tabs.

    We first uninstallled CWS 5.2 and then installed 5.3 on two computers, Windows 7 32bit and Mac 10.6.7. Both computers are experience the same issue, when we try to select a held job or try to right click to delete a job in the held queue 5.3 freezes and we have to force quit. CWS 5.2 was working fine for both operating systems.

    iMac - 10.6.7
    Dell - Windows 7 (completely updated, 32-bit)

    Canon ImagePress C1, ImagePress Server T1
    Fiery System: 8e Release 2
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    I am experiancing the same problem. I am using CWS 5.3 on my Fiery box (Imagepress Server A3200). Unfortunatly it is pretty random when it crashes. Would be more than happy to upload a error log if needed.

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