We have one computer that we use as out main interface for all of our Fiery's. It is running Windows 7 x64 with CWS 5.2.046. The Fiery's we are running are:
(2) S-2 connected to Canon 7095's
(1) Ricoh C-900s

The problem that we are having is that when double clicking on any job or right clicking and going to properties on the C-900s, CWS crashes. This doesn't happen on any of our other computers (Macs or PC's) and doesn't happen when going into properties for either S-2 Fierys from this main PC.

All software updates are off on the computer and the user is set as a standard user. When this starts to happen, we can login to the administrator account on the PC and create another user on the computer, CWS will work fine on that user for a period of time (1 week - 1 month). Then the same thing will start happening again. We have had our service technician come out and reinstall the software on the Fiery and we have wiped the PC clean and installed a fresh install, but still the same problems.

We will install CWS 5.3 to see if this solves our problem, but I am grateful for any other insight that anyone can offer.