First off, let me say that I'm happy for the fixes that 5.3 brings to me as I had a couple issues previous that are now resolved.

However, that aside, I have some comments regarding Impose that I need to make known to EFI.

First - where did my "Fit to Screen" option go? There's only "Zoom In" and "Zoom Out". The option to fit shouldn't have been removed.

Second - The new "graphic" layout for template menu in Impose... no good. I look based on what I named the template, not based on a pretty little graphic. There should at least be an option to change this back to just a text based menu.

Thirdly - I just imposed a job, PDF size 8.75x11.25 to 2-up on a 12x18. There are 0.125" bleeds on the PDF obviously, so I set it up exactly as I've always done. When I printed the first one out to check, the crop marks are not placing in the correct spot. The crop marks are correct along the 8.5" dimension, but they're placing at 11.25" apart, not 11" on the other.

So far, this is all I've come up with, but also I've only been using it less than a day!!!