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Thread: Printed jobs disappear from Printed Queue

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    Default Printed jobs disappear from Printed Queue

    When I print jobs, my jobs are in the stored Printed queue in CW5. However, when i turn off the Fiery and restart it the next day, some jobs remain in the Printed queue while other jobs disappear from the queue. What settings cause the jobs to remain in the queue and what makes them disappear? What can I do to keep all my jobs in the printed queue?

    It's a big inconvenience when i print a job one day and don't finish. Then I want to continue the job the next day, but the job is gone from the Printed queue.

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    The maximum number of jobs in the Hold Queue is 99 and you can adjust this in Configure.

    -Launch Configure from WebTools or Command Workstation.
    -Go to Server>Jobs>Jobs Saved in Printed Queue (1-99)
    -Set the desired value>Apply>Reboot.

    If you want all jobs to be saved, you may wish to set up your printer to print to the Hold Queue. This way all jobs would be held until you delete them with Command Workstation.

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