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Thread: Command WorkStation 5.3 is available

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    Default Command WorkStation 5.3 is available

    We are pleased to make available Command WorkStation 5.3, the latest Command WorkStation 5 release.

    Full details of the new functionality is available at Highlights of the new functionality include:
    - Image Enhance Visual Editor for per image adjustments and corrections to get the perfect print without additional software or tools
    - Imposition workflow improvements that support a trimbox workflow
    - Integration with Fiery Color Profiler Suite to create, diagnose, compare, and edit color profiles directly from within Command WorkStation
    - Overall improvements to the operator workflow
    While Command WorkStation 5.3 supports Fiery Servers running System 6 and above, please check the details at to understand the minimum Fiery Server requirements to access some of the new functionality in Command WorkStation 5.3.

    We are making this available as part of the Fiery Extended Applications Package for Windows and Macintosh, which includes Command WorkStation 5 and Hot Folders 3. Please note that Hot Folders 3 is only supported when connected to some Fiery server models. Command WorkStation 5.3 is also available as a separate download for Windows users for certain environments. More details can be found at

    The Windows version of the installation software will automatically uninstall an existing copy of Command WorkStation 5 before installing. We recommend using the Fiery Software Uninstaller to uninstall Fiery applications before installing Command WorkStation 5.3.

    Other release notes are also available.

    For archival purposes, Command WorkStation 5.2 is still available from the following links:
    Macintosh Fiery Extended Application package
    Windows Fiery Extended Application package
    Windows Command WorkStation 5.2 application only
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