We have two Fiery based systems in our print room (I'm new to Fiery but ran an IT company for 9 years)

After some problems I upgraded so SP3 (which is on our other Fiery machine) and some other bits and bobs - IE8, Acrobat Reader, etc. The machine ran and printed fine but our networked PC's would now not connect/print.

I tried to install the Fiery system but it wiped the backup (and everything else) I made on the other parrtition so I was left with nothing!

Today I spend 8 solid hours creating a fresh intall of WindowsXP SP3 and installed the Efi (network/pearl server thing) and the CWS5 and although everything sets up ok and the correct ports are allocated to the printer driver it never connects (blue bar at the top of the screen says please wait)

Can anyone please help as i'm gonna get a major telling off on Monday!!!!