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Thread: How to you set up for printing one side full color and one side black only?

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    Default How to you set up for printing one side full color and one side black only?

    I have a PDF file from a client. One side is color and the other side is black only. However, when I send the file for printing, machine counted both sides as full color. I can't find any settings in CW for setting one side color/one side black.

    Running Canon C9065 with Fiery A-1 RIP and CW 5

    Thanks for your help!

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    There's no special setting for one side to print color and the other side to print B&W.

    Can you tell more about the PDF you are working with? Is the B&W page truly B&W or is it processed black?

    Also, are you printing the PDF from the driver or importing via CWS?

    If printing from the driver, you can use the color mode setting in the mixed media part of the driver. Just enter the page range you want to set for BW.

    If importing via CWS, what are the settings you are using under the color tab in job properties (Expert Settings)?



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    Make sure there is no color other than black.... this goes for crop/trim marks (most of the time they are a registration color).

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    Default A trick I got from Xerox 2nd level support

    In Adobe Acrobat Pro, under Advanced / Pre-Flight, apply the B/W digital printing profile to a copy of the file. Pages from that file will have all the color data removed and regardless of the setting, will create b/w clicks on our Xerox. It means more work to merge those pages back with the main color file in place of the b/w pages, but it works reliably for us.

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    Thanks! This is a great tip! I am going to try it.

    Canon IR C9065
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