Using CWS5 , I have a 16 letter-size page Publisher booklet to print on tabloid paper and the only VDP is the address on the back page. , I understand I need to send pdfs of the letter-size pages to the Fiery and do all imposition there for the master and VDP. But do I need to send 16 pp for each address ( 15 blanks and the sheet with the address)?
In Micropress, I can send a single page for each of the 250 addresses ( no blanks needed) and designate on which page of the master that VDP will print. Is there a similar setting with the CWS? I have been playing with the Length of Record button on the VDP tab, but that does not seem to affect anything. At times CWS requests I designate the length of record but it is grayed out.
I've been through the Fiery How To Guides but they don't fit this situation. What am I missing? Anyone have a tutorial for this?