I have been trying to download the latest version of Mac CWS from the EFI website (http://w3.efi.com/Fiery/Products/CWS...ns/Thank%20You). Consistently, the connection drops and the download ends after a few seconds, reaching around 6MB.

I have tried this on different machines, in the office, on both Macs and PC. I have tried this on my own home network as well and it doesnt work either. I had a customer who has also reported a similar problem with download.

Is there an alternative download link? I have been able to get Mac CWS version 5.1 fine through https://liveupdate.efi.com/grad/5568/cws51.dmg.zip . Is there a similar link for v5.2.0.55?

The customer is not able to view job properties on version 5.1. I believe the latest version should fix the problem.