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Thread: turning down yellow density ?! please help

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    Default turning down yellow density ?! please help

    Hi there, I am new to the forum.

    I have a question, how do i turn down the yellow density ??

    i have to much yellow, and i dont have the pro tools to adjust gradiation..

    any help is apreciated..

    thanks !

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    That you didn't state the product may explain why no one's responded to you yet.

    From a generic Fiery standpoint, you should be able to edit your output profile to pull down the yellow a bit.

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    Default yellow density

    you want to create a custom output profile. if using command workstation 5, use the following steps:

    go to device center, color setup, profiles.

    double click on the folder that says output profiles. highlight your default profile (the one with the green check) and click edit in the top right corner of the screen.

    Uncheck all of the "eyes" next to the cmk, except for the yellow. Drag the upper right corner down. You can see the density changing in the box labeled output.
    click save and name approriately.

    now go into the properties of the job (from within command workstation) and go to the color tab, click on basic..., on the right side of the flow chart click on the output profile dropdown and select your new profile that you created.

    that should do it!

    let me know if your still having trouble.

    good luck

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