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Thread: Hotfolder Processing Jobs To Soon

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    Default Hotfolder Processing Jobs To Soon

    Are there any other methods of altering how soon a hotfolder starts to process a file? I've tried increasing the "time interval to check for jobs" in the hotfolder's advanced settings.

    When Kodak Evo creates a multipage Raster PDF in the hotfolder, CWS tries to start working on it before it's done. By increasing the interval to check for jobs, small jobs of 4 pages or less are handled without an issue. Jobs that have 8, 16, 32, or more pages present a problem. CWS actually attempts to process the incomplete file several times. Each time, another file shows up in the Held qeue with a different number of pages. None of them contain all the pages that are supposed to be in the job.

    I'm using:
    efi Hotfolders

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    Hi there

    Why does the kodak system push out a PDF to a hotfolder that isn't complete would be my question? I use an Oris press matcher system to create PDF's and push to the hotfolder and never have this problem....

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    Default Hot Folders

    What have you set the time interval to?

    Also, you didn't mention what Fiery you are sending the files to. If it is a System 9R2, then I would recommend you turn off 'Rip while receive' in the configure tool.

    This will prevent the Fiery from trying to rip jobs that are incomplete.

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