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Thread: Configure not working in CW5 or Launching from Webtools

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    Default Configure not working in CW5 or Launching from Webtools

    I am having issues using Command workstation getting the configure to work. I am running CW V5.2.0.56 connected to an E-3000 Fiery connected to a Savin C3030. I cannot access the server set-up through the configure button or when launching web tools. In CW5 the window kind of blinks and an hour glass is present for about a second then nothing happens. In IE the window opens to launch the configure tool...but the window is just blank. I am trying to avoid doing a whole system software install. But that is where I might be heading with this. I am hoping it is a JAVA error or something simple that I am over looking when trying to launch these tools.


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    Do you have patch 1-T3RFE installed? That patch addresses an issue where Configure doesn't launch when Java 6 is installed.

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