Hi, wondering if anyone has this same issue....

Periodically, maybe twice a day, our connection gets lost between our Fiery/CWS5 and our printer. It seems roughly about the same time everyday.

We are running:

Windows XP Pro SP3
EFI Fiery System 8 Release 2
Version: 1.5_SP3

Command work station 5

Printer: Xerox 700 Digital Colour Press


For example: For a 1,500 run of something, we send a job to print with it's properties setup with CWS5. The job will be running fine and all of a sudden CWS5 will close out it's dialogue box, not completely, but you won't be able to see the Held cue or printed cue job logs etc.

A popup occurs and says it's lost connection with the printer. The job will continue to run fine but you can't access anything via CWS. At the top it of the screen in teh CWS header area it will say "Starting" as if it is restarting but it never does, it just sits and grinds. In order to use CWS again we have to restart the fiery and most of the time we have to restart the computer all together to regain control.

As a side note, we keep up with all available updates.

Any suggestion on how to resolve
I will try an append this post with a screen shot soon