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Thread: Custom Control Bar question

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    Question Custom Control Bar question

    I am running CWS on the front end of a Canon 7000VP. I am trying to use the custom control bar feature to *** some "takeup bars" at the lead and trail edges of a sheet so maybe the press won't have such a difficulty printing low coverage jobs. I created an eps file with the bars I want which works perfectly, except for the .5" white space and dashed magenta line taken up by the text part of the control bar that cuts into my pages no matter where I put it. It even shows when I deselect all of the text fields so it is not printing anything.

    Is there any way to reduce the amount of space taken up by the control bar text or turn it completely off and only show the bars from the eps file?

    Dave Reichardt
    Sull Graphics
    Canon C7000VP
    iPR A3100 Server
    Fiery Graphic Arts Package
    Fiery Production Package
    Canon 1110P
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    Default To make the control bar text slug disappear...

    True, I wish there was a direct control to make the text slug area and red frame disappear.
    Have you tried this simple workaround: specify the location for this component to be outside the visible area, for instance to start at the right/top edge of your page?

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