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Thread: Kanji Fonts on Fiery Tabs

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    Default Kanji Fonts on Fiery Tabs

    I want to copy Kanji Text (e.g., Korean font Batang) from a word document, and paste onto the tab in command workstation tab creator. Are Japanese, Korean, and Chinese fonts supported in the "edit Tab" text attributes? This is a windows based Fiery which is configured for US English. Are the text attributes for tabs in Fiery CWS5 configurable based on system fonts? Is this Possible?

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    Default Kanji Fonts on Tabs

    Hi There,

    Yes this is possible, but first you'll need to install the relevant fonts on the Fiery. I have added chinese text to tab ears, using the following steps…

    1. Install the Chinese font into the Fiery first (make sure it shows in the font list in CWS), and then reboot it.
    2. Now the Chinese font will be available for use in Mixed Media (Insert tab) and SeeQuence compose.
    3. Make sure the Chinese font is selected in the ‘edit tab text’ window, then paste in your chinese text.


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