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Thread: CWS5 Mac Xerox 700 - 400% black

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    Default CWS5 Mac Xerox 700 - 400% black

    Hello All

    We have been running Fiery systems on Xerox 4 color machines for 4 years. The engines include 240, 242, and 700. A couple months ago, we started to get huge amounts of toner in rich black areas on our 700. The toner was too much to fuse and the gloppy mess destroys a lot of prints and so far two fusers.

    The only work around we have is to tell the engine that our paper is heavier and coated - which it is not. This never happened to us before - and we have put 1 million color prints through the machine.

    Xerox has been out and done a lot of testing. What is clear is that it is not the engine - it is is that the Fiery is telling the engine to put down 400% coverage. As many of you will know, clients send in PDFs with 'registration' black all the time (CMYK = 1,1,1,1). The Fiery is not supposed to send that to the engine. My understanding is that the Fiery will send a maximum of 260% coverage. Ours is failing to do that all of a sudden.

    Any help with this issue will be of great use. My hunch is that we have the a patch issue or that this happened when our machine was upgraded to system 1.5 a while back.

    We have: Mac CWS5.2 Sys 1.5. The patches installed are in this order:



    Ben Z

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    By chance, have you already tried to set the RIP to print blacks as "Pure Black" in the advanced color settings? This has worked well for some of our customers as long as the page isn't completely painted in black.

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    What output profile are you using?
    Go into the expert colour settings and tick Media Defined.
    And add a spot colour call "Registration" and make it C0 M0 Y0 K100 unless you need registration to show colour plate alignment, most people only use it for trim marks from what I've seen.
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