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Thread: VDP and Impose

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    Hello a question about VDP and Fiery

    We recently upgraded to Firey workstation and a Xerox 700.
    We had previously been working with workstation 4 and a xerox 260.

    Since the upgrade we are not able to get our VDP master templates to print.

    Our work flow is to export a business card as PDF from indesign, send it to the Fiery through hot folders, Impose the card many times up on a sheet with our Fiery impose templates, then add our standard VDP master page that holds our additional registration marks.

    Since the upgrade everything works as usual but the VDP Master will not print even though it is visible when we click the "Preview Master" dialog via the print properties box.

    Anyone have any ideas why our VDP master pages do not work anymore though our work flow remains the same?


    Xerox 700
    EFI Fiery System 8 Release 2
    Version 1.5_SP2


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    Hi we have trouble shot an answer, when you impoase a business card, and the dialog gives you an option to save the imposed layout as a normal impose or a flattened you need to choose flattened and this solved or VDP problem


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