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Thread: Printing tabs on CWS4.6

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    Default Printing tabs on CWS4.6

    I need to print on tab stock and found an old set of instructions from a early version of CWS4 but I cant find how to do it on CWS4.6

    I dont need to insert the tabs in documents just print them out as sets

    Does this version of CWS still have an insert tab button that brings up the tabs and the text attributes so I can set the text for the tabs, if it does where is it?

    Any help or advice on a better way to do this would be great

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    If your Fiery supports it, there is an Insert Tab function in the Mixed Media section of the Media tab in Job Properties. This will allow you to insert tabs in an existing job. Not all Fierys support this feature, however. If your Fiery does not support this feature, you may be able to compose a document with the tab text and print on tab media.

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