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    Default Feature suggestion

    You know what would be a really cool feature? I often end up showing customers how to use the Fiery Tray Alignment feature when attempting to mitigate front/back registration issues. But more often than not we get better results with just using Image Shift. Unless the customer has a drafting table with a square it's nearly impossible to get an accurate fold on those Alignment printouts especially on heavier coated stock. But with Image Shift knowing which way your image is going is hit or miss and you waste alot of time and meter clicks trying to get it right. What to do? How about combining a preview window with image shift such that when you start shifting side one or two you actually get to see in which direction the image is moving? Taking it one step further, allow sides 1 and 2 to be rector/verso visible at the same time as if you were looking at it on a light table in order to facilitate lining up page numbers for instance. Just a thought!

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    Thanks, including a preview with image shift is a great suggestion. We'll consider that as we move forward.


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