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Thread: Hot Folders disappearing after reboot?

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    Unhappy Hot Folders disappearing after reboot?

    First of all, the admins need to look at the way this forum responds. I just typed a LONG post about this problem, only to have the system log me out and delete my text when I tried logging in at the login screen it redirected me to.

    Long story short: I set up several hot folders in a shared location on my Snow Leopard Server. When I rebooted last night after installing updates, Hot Folders no longer sees these folders. The folders themselves still have the "guts" inside them and bear the Hot Folders icon.

    For the short term, it would be nice to reimport the hot folders, but I can't figure out how to get Hot Folders to do this. It keeps telling me that these folders aren't valid locations.

    For the long term, I need to ensure that Hot Folders will recognize the location of watched folders through a reboot. HAs anyone had any experience with this?


    Snow Leopard Server 10.6.4 on a Mac Mini

    Konica Minolta bizhub pro C6500
    Fiery Pro80-S450 65C-KM
    Version: 3.0
    Fiery System: 9
    Hot Folders 2.5.0f18

    Let me know if I'm missing any pertinent information, I'm a relative n00b on the Fiery.

    Also, since having to re-type this, I've gotten the email about the new CWS et al. I'll try this out on a test system.

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    Just to be clear, are the hot folders themselves gone or do they just not work after a reboot?

    If the folders themselves are being destroyed, I have no good suggestions. If on the other hand you have a hot folders still in place but they no longer work after a reboot then the problem is that the hot folder console is not restarting after the reboot. The hot folder console needs to be running so that there is some software watching the folders waiting for you to drop in a file.

    The hot folder console can be found in the applications>>fiery folder. This can be set up in your user profile to be launched when you reboot/login to your Mac. I'd really like it if the user could be prompted by the hot folder install on the mac to do this as part of the install, but it does not so you have to manually perform this step.

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    I should have been more clear... Yes, of course Hot Folders is running. But like I said, Hot Folders (the console) doesn't "see" the hot folders anymore, which are still in the shared location, and still bear the hot folders icon.

    In the interim, I've installed hot Folders, and there's still no joy.

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