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Thread: Transfer CWS4 impose Templates to CWS5

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    Question Transfer CWS4 impose Templates to CWS5

    I have 100+ templates for impose created in CWS4, and have now upgraded to CWS5 with Seequence Suite Impose/Compose. Is it possible for CWS5 to recognise these templates. The imposition paths for both CWS4 & CWS5 are looking in the same place but its not seeing my long list of 100+ imposition templates.

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    Do you mean just imposition templates? For moving from CWS4 to 5, just copy templates from PC 1 using the path in imposition prefs, rename to .dbt and put in the template path on PC 2 and they should immediately visible in the template list.

    Below are some notes about how to move CWS4 Presets to CWS5. These notes are valid to copy CWS5 presets to another PC or migrate CWS4 to CWS5. You simply need to copy two files found on the workstation where CWS is installed.

    For CWS and older the location is [windows root]:\program files\common files\efi\jpdata

    For CWS and newer the location is [windows root]:\documents and settings\[user]\local settings\application data\efi\jpdata


    1. [windows root] is drive d: on a Fiery.

    2. [user'] is the windows user name under which CWS has been installed, this is "administrator" if working on a Fiery.

    3. under jpdata are subdirectories which represent the different Fiery's which CWS is connected to. In that directory you will find two xml documents (presets.xml and uiconfig.xml) which contain the job property presets and the basic tab configuration.

    In the CWS 5 the two presets files are in

    ∑ [windows root]:\documents and settings\[user]\local settings\application data\efi\jpdata\fiery name connected\uiconfig.xml (Iím not sure but probably this file is useless)

    ∑ [windows root]:\documents and settings\[user]\local settings\application data\efi\jpdata\fiery name connected \Presets\Presets.xml

    So, to copy the presets from CWS 4 to CWS5 you need to have the two XML files uiconfig.xml and presets.xml copied in the folders reported above

    Hope this helps,


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