We are currently using Fiery Command Workstation 5.5 and just recently after logging in using the Administrator account and the Guest account, all options are grayed out under the Job Center. Initially when logging into the Administrator account, CW would freeze/hang and then crash. I noticed this began occuring after installing recent MS Security Patches so I uninstalled them and now we can log in.

I have rebooted the ImagePass, the Printer(Canon 9065), reinstalled Command Workstation, verified account permissions in the Fiery server, and reinstalled the PostScript A1 driver on our print server to no avail. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Notes: Tested on Windows XP 32bit, 64bit Win 7, and CW 5.4. Print Server is Server 2008 R2.

Canon Software Support suggested I uncheck the Two-Way Communication option "Update fiery driver when opened". This did not help.