It is awkward to discuss "production" printing when there's no integration among virtual printers, job presets, and hotfolders. I would love to see those all integrated into one single set of settings, and let me choose--via checkbox or something--whether these settings are to be presets only, or hotfolder only, or virtual printer only, or some combination of the three.

Frankly, it makes sense to make the virtual printer also be job presets by default. Then you only have to choose whether you want to make it a hotfolder as well or not.

Regardless, EFI must change all of this to be one single place where these things are edited, instead of the total mess of independent applications (hotfolder manager? Virtual printer dialog box?) and settings that exists today. It's not at all productive or manageable to force the user to make identical changes in up to three separate applications and locations, just to get his jobs to work seamlessly.